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Gban’S & You Guidelines

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When you post articles/blogs/images/videos or any other digital media related things in our website, you should always abide by our guidelines.

Here we disclose the main highlights of our guidelines—-

  • You should never post that causes other users disturbence or indicates hateful/disrespect speech towards them.
  • Never post wrong/hateful/intentional articles that increases social distancing, communalism between human beings around the world.
  • You should not use any software or hardware connected with malware, viruses or any digital things that put our site or users damage.
  • YOU SHOULD KNOW WHEN YOU ARE POSTING IN OUR WEBSITE, YOU WILL BE CALLED THE REAL COPYRIGHT OWNER OF THAT ARTICLES, PHOTOS, VIDEOS. If any copyright claims rises aganist us, you will be soly responsible for that. We don’t take any responsibilty on that. So, before you post something into our website please ensure that you holds the original copyright.
  • Don’t post anything that is meaningless or unnecessary to the users. Repeatation of this practises may cause your account terminated from our website.
  • Never post on any hacking techniques, pirated softwares.
  • Never post for illegal actions or purposes, illegel drugs or any illegal activities. We are very strict if you do some of this into our website. Then Legal action will be taken aganist you.
  • Never post any pornographic/sexual articles, photos, videos. Also you should not post about child abusement, or any things that cause our users, visitors, viwers physical or mental hazards.
  • You should not post related to spamming or any bots that causes our site damage/down.

This is some major highlights of our guidelines. It also includes our Privacy Policy, Terms of Usage Policy, Copyright Policy.