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Sea Moss: THE NEXT FUTURE GENERATION FOOD | Sea Moss Health Benefits

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Introducing the next-gen food: SEA MOSS. Now if you’re not familiar with it, you might think what kind of food it is, is it a miracle for our next-gen?

Well, Ladies & Gentleman, keep your patience, please!:mrgreen:  Today you will learn all about it included what’s the health benefits of sea moss, its side effects, availability across the world, and many more. So here we go …


Well, the answer to the first question is, this food isn’t new nor a miracle at all it’s living in human food since the 1800s. But knowing the extreme healthy potential of this food, it gathered popularity at present for the shake of social media.

However, it has been in the world since the oceans first hit the shore and people first hit at it when celebrities on social media and nutritionists at its nutrients go crazy. Also known as Irish moss or seaweed is grows year-round in tidepools and inlets or near the sea’s coastal area.

But wait! Did you miss one point??? You called it THE NEXT-GEN food, whhyyyyy? Well, there is some reason behind titling this name, and that is it provides …. (continue reading below you will find it 😆 – Testing your patience)

Struggling to read the full? Ok, let’s make it short and read 2x faster: Amazing Sea Moss Nutrition Facts, enough to love this!

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But before we go, we should know first …

What is sea moss, exactly? Where is it found, mostly?

In simple words, Sea Moss, also known as Irish Moss, or seaweed, or a macro-algae. It comes from both organically from seas or man-made harvesting.

It boosts our health and enhances our skin. While it lacks significant scientific research, experts believed it was a superfood, most likely, the next generation of food. Many countries like Ireland, Scotland, and Jamaica has been using it for a long ago.

It extracts carrageen and this type of algae grows on the rocky parts of the Atlantic coast of the British Isles, as well as around Europe and other parts of North America.[Cite] In those countries, most people don’t eat it directly but as a gel (fresh boiling) or in dried forms or often as a thickening agent. Some others take it as a drink with boiled water, mixing with milk and sugar (or honey). Nowadays, it’s made in powdered or pill form.

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Where is it harvested?

Sea Moss harvested mostly on the coastal areas of the North Atlantic surrounding countries like Ireland, Europe, and North America.

Funny thing is that maybe you’ve already consumed it in products without even knowing. Carrageenan extraction from it, used in hundreds of food products and cosmetics as a stabilizing and gelling agent.

What is the History of Sea Moss?

Less than two centuries ago, sea moss used as a health treatment for tuberculosis and pneumonia. Being a cheap source of nutrients, it’s also been used as a food to nourish potato field workers. (also used in Ireland Potato Famine in the 1800s) [Cite].

Because poor farmers used it, many rich minded people at that time, criticized this seaweed as a “poverty food”. But nowadays, understanding the value of it, companies grow and harvest it in the ocean pool to make a profit.

How to use Sea Moss? Uses of it?

It can be used as a gel in many food items, including as a thickener in soups, smoothies, or desserts. Sea Moss can also be applied directly to your skin or hair for brightening. It’s also used as a baking complementary of eggs, which makes your daily minerals into your diet. So prefer sea moss for baking cookies, cakes, muffins, etc.

Sea Moss Nutrition? Why should you try it at least once?

Many people around the world choosing it as a superfood for being fully veg (a good food practice include no animal products); contains vitamins and minerals. Like magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin K, and omega-3 fatty acids, which help to hydrate and increase healthy skin cell function. Vital Nutrients compacted in it like:

  • Vitamin A,C,D,E,K, B2, B12
  • Calcium
  • Chromium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc, Iron & Iodine (Very Rich)

See the complete chart (more details at NutritionData)

Sea Moss Nutrition Lists

But! But! Wait!!! There’s very little research on the ingredient of it (this might be due to the fact that algae including sea moss are difficult to study). The nutritional properties (vitamins and minerals) in it vary by location and season. Besides, it’s really hard to determine how well the human body absorbs the nutrients and metabolized from algae.

How to Prepare Sea Moss?

Many brands have started selling sea moss capsules and tablets. However, there are plenty of ways to prepare it for yourself to enjoy at home with your favorite dishes.

To cook sea moss, first, need to wash it very well and keep it in cold water for 24 hours. [Changing the water out frequently during this time, at 3-5 times is good.] You’ll know your sea moss is ready to use when it has doubled in size and become white and jellied. Once ready, add some water with it in a blender and blend until it becomes a thick, honey-colored liquid.

Once you have prepared it, you can store it in the fridge for up to two weeks. And can use it in a number of recipes you like. It best suits for:

  • Smoothies
  • Soups
  • Stews
  • Baked Goods like Cake, Bread, etc.

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Do you know what’s amazing about this?

It’s rare to have seen one particular plant that has all the vitamins and minerals our body needs. But sea moss comes closer to it. It contains more than 90% of the nutrients your body needs and can be used as natural medicine. This is why the tiny often called “Nature’s Multi-Vitamin”.

Tips: It’s very rich in natural minerals and antioxidants that make it an immunity booster and weight-loss aid. That’s why many companies harvesting it. And customers aren’t sitting still either, they also become super a scientist (lol 😆 ); adding it to everything from smoothies to acai bowls, rice, beans, and …

But what should you know before trying it?

No food will fulfill all vitamins and minerals you need and not all cure your health problems. Likewise, every food has benefits and side effects. Side effects of sea moss seem minimal, but these should also be taken into consideration.

You can use sea moss as beauty products on daily basis. But it may take several weeks of regular use to notice the skin-care advantages. Because the active ingredient in it takes time to contract with the skin to absorb.

Sea moss tastes not so good, so if you’re a food testian (what word it is I don’t know 😆 ). I felt sorry! 🙄 but if you consider, then it’s ok 😐

Sea Moss Health Benefits & Side Effects
Sea Moss Health Benefits & Side Effects

Sea Moss Health Benefits:

Boosts our immune and develop brain increasing essential minerals

Although having low in calories [Cite], as per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – sea moss has essential minerals like folate (vitamin 9) is crucial for prenatal health and development. It’s also high in iodine, helps the thyroid run properly, and increase thyroid hormones. Thus, it regulates our metabolism, encourages our bone and brain development, and many more important functions.

Prevent Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease in Older adults is the second-most-common degenerative disease. It affects movement, causing tremors, stiffness, and slowness of movement, and has currently no cure. However, early research shows that sea moss may be able to slow down the progress of Parkinson’s disease.

In a recent study done with worms extracted from it, was shown to decrease the quantity of α-synuclein and, reduce stiffness and slowness of movement. Which means it prevents or reduces Parkinson’s Disease. But sorry to say, for now, the research ends up with only worms, not with humans. So more research needed to see if it has the same effect on humans.

Improves the Immune System to fight against Salmonella

Another studies suggest that sea moss can boost the immune system and can stop the growth of Salmonella Enteritidis. This bacteria causes Salmonella Infection in humans. But further studies needed for its accurateness and effectiveness.

Iron in Sea Moss can help you to have more energy all over the day

It’s a full pack of iron, where many plant-based veg lack. This is because iron mainly sourced from non-veg foods like meat, poultry. But here is a twist! Sea moss contains about 9 milligrams of iron per 100g, which means it has 9 times more iron than chicken. Amazing, isn’t it!

So, when you’re feeling ill or in low energy, it may be because your body is lacking irons. Iron helps your body create red blood cells to move oxygen from your lungs to cells. On your breakfast try adding sea moss as an iron supplement in a gel form to your smoothies or food. You will notice at least a little difference in your energy for this. And for anemia patients, sea moss may a lifesaver. But again as always, a doctor’s advice highly recommended.

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Sea Moss Contains More Than 90% of Nutrients Our Bodies Need

This tiny spiral yellow/reddish/brownish seaweed extremely nutrient compacted. Experts explained that sea moss has 92 out of 110 minerals the body needed. Mostly contains vitamins like beta-carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C, sulfur as well as minerals like magnesium, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, etc. All these contribute to healthy cell functioning in the body.

And We called it the next-gen food for the above. Because by the times, we all have to be more fit and need more energy all over the day. And here SEA MOSS takes the perfect responsibility for providing energy consistently.

Healthy Weight Loss & Rich in Iodine

It is also rich in iodine. This mineral found in a limited amount of foods or not even found in many cases. Our bodies need iodine mineral in moderation to produce thyroid hormones which control our body’s metabolism and many other important functions.

So if your thyroid is not functioning properly it can be beneficial and aid in weight loss. But before you go to use sea moss to boost thyroid hormones or as a weight-loss supplement, consult with your doctor to avoid unnecessary damage to your body.

Sea Moss is also rich in protein which can help to make muscles and build strong

This seaweed is also rich in protein (with 6 grams of protein per 100 grams). Then what’s amazing? Amazing is that it contains taurine (amino acid) that helps the body burn fat and build 100000…pack muscles (lol 😆 ).

Gives strength fighting against aging and inflammation

It helps your body to prevent everyday aging and inflammation naming “the anti’s” Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral. It used as a treatment to relieve cold and flu-like symptoms. This seaweed heals and recovers you from sickness as it has potassium chloride, which helps the body reduce inflammation and lower the risk of infections from many diseases. Besides, it has sulfur to lower the levels of microorganisms on the skin and relieve redness.

Best Multi-Nutrient & Functional Food

Functional foods have high nutrient density, protein content, and fiber in sea vegetables including this one. It means these foods offer health benefits that go beyond just supplying our essential nutrients (like vitamins and minerals). A study suggested that adding small amounts of seaweed (sea moss) to our daily foods may help reduce rates of cardiovascular or similar diseases.

Calms our Respiratory and Digestive System

When it has taken on morning breakfast, can soothe/calm our respiratory and digestive system. Like aloe vera and okra, sea moss is a mucilaginous food, which (sticky & thick) can double as a remedy for irritation. It’s also a type of dietary fiber that’s works as a fertilizer for probiotics (healthy bacteria in your stomach) which helps to digest better.

Sea Moss Health Benefits - Should you try
Sea Moss Health Benefits – Should you try

Is more, necessarily has to be better? Should I use it on regular basis?

Considering Irish sea moss supplements (face creams, drugs) than raw Irish sea moss – important to remember, the supplement industry yet not well controlled or monitored. That’s why it can make it hard for consumers to decide its quality. Bunch of Online videos on the internet claim to help consumers identify, fake vs real sea moss. But in reality, choosing a good quality product like this can be more confusing for people.

What are the Side Effects of Sea Moss?

When it comes to eating sea moss, a little bit of cautions have to make. And a serving of sea moss is just two tablespoons is enough for your day. But Why? Why? Why? It’s a source of iodine, very good for our health. But having too much iodine in your diet can lead to goiter (enlarged thyroid gland); hypothyroidism (a disorder when the thyroid doesn’t make enough thyroid hormones); thyroid gland inflammation, or even worse – thyroid cancer, as per NIH. You might also experience burning of the mouth, throat, and stomach, a fever, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, etc.

“I want to eat but not health hazards so what’s the solution?”

The simple answer is Moderation. The FDA recommends not to consume over 150 mcg (micrograms) of iodine per day. Because the nutritional, as well as iodine value of Irish moss (sea moss), can differ based on where it’s from. For instance, three ounces of baked cod and 1 cup of reduced-fat milk can have about 99mcg and 56mcg respectively. Meanwhile, one layer (1g) of seaweed can clock between 16 to 2,984 mcg of iodine. So it’s important to pay attention to nutrition labels if you’re eating sea moss or buying its products.

Therefore, opting for the powdered or pills of sea moss – it better to have a doctor consultation. If you’re experiencing any negative side effects like itchy throat or nausea (signs of a food allergy), or; mask or cream usage causing you irritation, like redness, burning, or stinging, stop taking it and immediately consult a doctor.

So, hope you find your all queries answers related to it and enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading! See you soon 😉


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