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Amazing Whatsapp Secret Tricks that you may don’t know as helpful!

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Hello YouArmy,

Good Morning,

You are using a messaging app for your friends, colleagues and you don’t know about Whatsapp. It’s like you riding on your motorcycle and you don’t know about its wheels!

Yes, Almost all of us have WhatsApp on our smartphones. But do we really use its full potential?

Hey you! Yes, you! Use it? Say Use it?  😡  😕

I know you didn’t Use! 😯

Well, fortunately, yeah, I was also on your team before, don’t worry!  LOL!!! 😆


Now, let’s come to the point. Today we will know about some amazing whatsapp secret tricks that you may don’t know them helpful to you! It even may shock the person next to you. So, here we go…

No. 1) Send Messages in different styles!

Send messages to your relatives or friends with different font styles. They will surprise if they don’t use this method before.

Just type in your keyboard:

  • Hello (Normal Look)
  • *Hello* (Bold Look)
  • _Hello_ (Italic Look)
  • *_Hello_* (Bold + Italic Look)
  • ~Hello~ (Strikethrough Look)
  • *~Hello~* (Bold + Strikethrough Look)
  • “`Hello“` (Monospace Look)

And it will look like below (In sequence):


No. 2) Know when your sent messages were read or delivered

Just Long Press on your sent messages > Click on three dots > then click on the info.

Note that: You can see your sent messages info only.

That’s it!! from now, you can see when your messages were delivered or read by someone.

To better understand you, watch the video below:

No. 3) Read messages without knowing the sender

Go to your phone widget area > Then look for Whatsapp widget > Long press the widget, drag and drop on your home screen.

That’s it!!! Now read messages without showing the sender that you read.

To better understand you, watch the video below:

No. 4) Switch to the dark mode

Dark Mode is quite good for your eyesight. Whatsapp Dark Mode comes about 2 years ago. Here how can you enable it?

Click on three dots. Then Click Settings > Chats > Theme.

No. 5) Delete Unnecessary Texts, Images Videos, or other Files with One-click

Delete unnecessary files is good for saving storage. Why? While there is limited free storage from Google Drive About 15 GB. You must be very smart and economical at this point if you don’t have much penny to buy extra storage. So, that’s why I recommend deleting unnecessary files/documents in a certain period of time.

So, How can you delete your Chat texts, images, videos, or other documents??

Here, the steps below:

First, go to Whatsapp, click on the three dots icon, and then click on settings.

top 5 cool whatsapp tips & tricks

Then go to Data and storage usage

top 5 cool whatsapp tips & tricks

Then click on Storage Usage

Choose who you want to delete chat texts, images, or other files. Here, I select my friend Jeet to delete some videos in our chat. You can choose anyone from your contact list.

whatsapp tips and tricks

You can delete Text messages, Images/Photos, Videos from chat. In most cases, videos and photos eat too much storage. So, you can delete any of them. In some cases, you may have important Photos or Videos in that chat. So, download them before deleting or keep a copy of them, as it is an irreversible process. This means once you delete that you can’t undo it.

cool whatsapp tips & tricks

That’s it save much storage by using this method.

Hope you enjoyed these WhatsApp secret tricks and found this to be helpful to you. Thanks for reading! See you soon 😉

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