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Why Dog’s Tail is not Straight? | Why it’s bent?

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Hello Gnees Army,

Good Morning,

Are you Dog Lover? If yes, you notice it’s tail is not straight. But did you know why? why?

And also did you why they BHOWW! BHOWW! (Lol)


Let’s know about this today…

Dogs use their tails to express strong emotions, such as anxiety, annoyance, and anger, as well as happiness. And Yes! it makes no mistake that there is a science to shake the tail.

Dogs are much better at reading everyone’s visual communication than we manage to measure as per Dr. Bell. He also added that Well-behaved dogs in social systems use their bodies and tails to talk with other dogs. They also perceive the tail and body position of other dogs, which helps them avoid unnecessary conflict.


Why Dog's Tail is not Straight?

The initial purpose of the dog’s tail is to balance his weight. This prevents him from falling as he makes sharp turns while running or swimming. Over time, the tail has adjusted for playing an important role in communication, especially when a dog is simply walking or standing.

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