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Are tacos bad for you? | Really are tacos healthy? | Tacos Review

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So, after eating a bite of tacos, you might be thinking ohh.. Let’s search are tacos healthy? Will tacos be bad for me? …

And you find this shit article, right?

😕 😕 😕 😕 😕

Are Tacos Healthy?

Let’s come to the point,

Are tacos healthy?

Well, the short and definite answer is – it depends up to you! Yes, not joking!

But how can it be both healthy and unhealthy? That said, tacos will be healthy if it contains enough vegetables with rich-fibre. And will be unhealthy when saturated fats like butter, cheese, red meat added into it.

Still, don’t understand it clearly? Well, continue reading below …

Let’s take an example. In the previous post, we talked about The Ultimate 12 Health Benefits of Mint Tea!!!. From there, you saw Mint Tea known for zero sugar and mouth freshener. Now, if you add a drum of sugar (hopefully you won’t 😆 ) into a cup of tea (thinking who will do that 😆 ), will it remain healthy? Will it be zero in sugar? Similarly, the same happens to the tacos.

Are Tacos bad for you - Tacos facts
Tacos facts

If we take traditional tacos in most restaurants, it will more fatty than our home-made vegan tacos. So, now, let’s dive into deeper.

How can you make tacos super healthy?

Now, the most awaited question – Are Tacos Healthy? For this, we will go through two parts of the tacos. First is Tortillas or The Taco Shell (Outside Part). Second is Fillings (Inside Part).

Tortilla or The Tacos Shell

⇒ Traditional Method

As per the traditional Mexican Cusine or American Food Eating style, tacos’ tortilla or the taco shell are made of Flour frying in saturated or hydrogenated oil.

Then what makes it worse?

In short, these saturated oil like coconut oilpalm oil and flour made tortillas quickly absorbed in your body. Which cause an instant boost of calories, protein and carbohydrates. As a result, lack to burn this huge boost of carbohydrates and calories, your body turns to be fatty. Besides, it causes high blood pressure, high bad cholesterol, insulin spikes or even worse, heart blockage.

⇒ Healthier Method

From a healthy perspective, now, it’s time to switch that traditional method. Okay but how? First, make wheat or corn tortilla, instead of flour-only-tortilla. Next, instead of frying in saturated oil (try not to fry), just bake Tortilla in your micro oven brushing with little of olive oil.

How does it make sense?

Wheat, corn, are rich in fibre. And the very great thing about the fibre is – it takes more time to digest in your body. Which simply means it doesn’t quickly absorb with your body. As a consequence, it will give you the feel of full energy all over the day.

Have Green tea, Have Green health!

Lipton Tea (US)


⇒ Traditional Method

As per the traditional method, tacos fillings are made with red meat like beef, pork, and lamb. And saturated fats like cheese, butter, cream, sour cream also added with it to make tastier.

Then what makes it worse?

Well, we said it tastier but not necessarily it has to be healthier. Red meat and mentioned above foods/ingredients tend to calorie-dense with very a small amount. As per NIH, the amount of fat in those tacos can increase your blood pressure up to 3x times. Combining all, these are enough to make you fatty and unhealthy in a day.

Are Tacos Healthy?  - NIH Source Screenshot
Are Tacos Healthy? – NIH Source Screenshot

⇒ Healthier Method

Now, it’s time for being healthy! Well, instead of red meat, you can add fresh and fibre-rich vegetables. But if a vegan lifestyle is your enemy, you can prefer chicken, eggs or, salt/sea fishes as an alternative.

Salsa (a kind of spicy tomato sauce) or simple tomatoes, beans, cilantro, onions, lime juice can make tacos more tasty and healthy! Besides, you will get a tiny amount of calories even if you take a high amount of fibre-rich vegetables.

Here is a video for you to better understand:


In the end, you will see many people saying, Tacos in your diet shouldn’t be considered. But you can take tacos every day without worried just by starting a vegan life.

Though it’s not possible for all. As a vegetable alternative, you can opt-out for fewer calorie foods with a higher amount of protein food like chicken or lesser cream or fatty things.

You can prefer these books to make awesome Tacos:

taco tuesday

tacos cook book


Q: Are fish tacos healthy?

Similar Q: About fish tacos health benefits? 

A: Yes, of course! If fish (especially sea fish) used instead of red meat, you’re on the right track! Fishes contain valuable nutrients like protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins [like vitamin D, B2 (riboflavin)] etc.

The most vital ingredient – Omega 3 Fatty acids can fight against cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, abnormal heart rhythms etc), reduce mental stress and blood pressure, improve eye and brain health and so on.

Q: Are tacos healthy to eat?

Similar Q: Are tacos healthy for weight loss? What tacos are healthy?

A: Yes, tacos can be healthy too! But the food customisation needed! These are the following –

  • First, use corn or wheat tortilla instead of flour only tortilla.
  • Don’t fry tortilla instead bake it brushing with little olive oil.
  • Avoid junk foods like red meat, sour cream, cheese, guacamole (avocado oil – zero in sugar but much in calories). But use fibre, protein and carbohydrate-rich veggies. They will make you feel full and keep away from hunger.
  • Lastly, don’t add sodium or salt, otherwise, try to use lesser.

Q: Are tacos healthy for bodybuilding?

A: To be honest, the correct answer is – it depends. As said earlier the best way to be healthy is making your food by yourself at home. Instead of choosing any restaurant.

Another solution may be choosing healthy customization. For example, healthy, fibre-contained vegetables; no frying or use of saturated oil; leaner chicken or meat may save you.

Q: How healthy are taco bell tacos?

Similar Q: Are taco bell tacos healthy?

A: Well, when you’re in a restaurant, you don’t want to take daily stubborn food, right? Instead, you expect a tasty-tasty, spicy, salty, alluring food from there. But unfortunately, all these are not for dieters.

Don’t worry! Don’t worry! Here’s some point you can consider. At any restaurant even at Taco Bell Tacos, you have food customization to make. So, from there you can prefer tomatoes, black beans, or veggie power burrito without guacamole, pico de gallo and romaine. All these are alternative to traditional veggies.

Q: How many tacos are healthy?

A: Well, If you’re taking traditional Mexican or American tacos containing heavy cheese, sour cream, spicy & juicy flavour and meat; even a single piece of tacos can bring you to the door of hell (or maybe heaven 😛  )

Now, if you replace them with veggies and other nutritious foods (mentioned above) you will still stay on the earth! So take as much you want but in moderation.

Q: How healthy are homemade tacos?

A: Frankly, It can be super healthy and delicious. Because the key to customization is in your hand. Just put the healthy-healthy as mentioned above.

Q: How healthy are street tacos?

A: In General, the main difference between street tacos and non-street tacos –  where street tacos served with two small and soft tortillas; A non-street tacos served by most Mexican restaurants, usually consists of a hard (crispy) taco shell folded in the centre overlapping each other. That said, street tacos fillings filled with meat or chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, onions, salsa, some sort of sauces of your choice.

But unfortunately, to be honest, street food generally not accepted in the healthy list. But why? It’s because in most cases you don’t know the date of meat, veggies or other items either they really fresh or not. So, it’s recommended to make it at home if your choice is healthy!

Still, if there is no choice you can choose healthy street tacos. Just make sure there will be no entry of red meats, creams or such things.

Q: Are tacos healthy for diabetics?

A: Having a diabetic doesn’t mean you can’t taste the flavour of heaven. Means, like a normal person, a diabetic person also need carbohydrates, protein, fats etc. But the one thing differ from a normal and a diabetic person, is Carbohydrate. It is the reason to spike the blood sugar level high. Which simply point out to the diabetic. That’s why, here, moderation is the only key.

So, what’s the solution? Just look the ingredients you like in tocos, whether the amount of those is tolerable. From the below, these ingredients should be considered carefully for a diabetic –

  • Total Calories
  • Total Fat
  • Sugar Content
  • Protein
  • Dietary Fibre
  • Carbohydrates
  • Amount of Sodium
  • Cholesterol

Now, just follow the amount the doctor consult you for. That’s it! You’re ready to go!

So, hope you enjoyed this post and got some good knowledge of “are tacos healthy”. Thanks for reading! See you again 😉


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