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What is the meaning of Yellow colour???

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Yellow colour meaning: Yellow is the most luminous of all the colours in the light spectrum. This one grabs our attention more than any other colour. It is the best colour to create a passion for life and can stimulate greater confidence and faith.

A man likes and picks the yellow, most often a very communicative to others, he also enjoys a challenge. Sometimes they look like scientists. They are funny, entertaining and real living comedians.

 Different Yellow Colours 

Yellow Colour Meaning
Yellow Colour Meaning

There are so many shades of yellow colour but mainly they are three – 

Dark yellow – represents jealousy, decay, and disease.

Light yellow – is compared with intelligence, freshness, and joy.

Bright yellow – is an attention-gaining colour, and the combination with black makes the easiest colour combinations to read and see from long distances. That’s why most of the caution signboard are marked with this colour.

 Yellow Colour Meaning – Positive Side: 

In Daily lives: Traditionally, in the ancient and mid-era even in some modern-era war, yellow ribbons worn as a symbol of hope as women waited for their husbands to come home from war. However, yellow ribbons are still used today to greet loved ones.

Yellow gemstones are believed to boost concentration, increase energy, and offer relief from panic, nervousness, or exhaustion (tiredness). It is often considered the most connected colour with the goddess in many religions (Hinduism and Ancient Egypt)


  1. School buses, taxi cabs, and traffic signs are painted yellow to see them clearly from long distance.
  2. In almost every religion yellow colour represents sunshine, happiness, and warmth which helps us to focus on our work.
  3. It makes decision-making processes easy as it compares to the clarity of thought and ideas, although it can often be unpredictable.
  4. It Stimulates the nervous system for immediate actions at some time.

 Yellow Colour Meaning – Negative Side: 

  1. Most often yellow signs indicating caution all over the world which either highly dangerous or warning!
  2. It is a symbol of weakness, sickness, mental illness and maybe anxiety-producing.
  3. Calling someone “Yellow” or “Yellow-Bellied” is the same as calling them a coward.
  4. If yellow is overused or overexposed, it can have a disturbing effect. For instance, it is a proven fact that babies cry more in rooms painted yellow. 
  5. The phrase “Yellow Journalism” is in reference to bad or irresponsible reporting.
  6. The yellow colour is related to the ego and our sense of self-worth, to how we feel about ourselves and how we are observed by others
  7. The phrase “Yellow fever” a disease involving high fever and jaundice that is common in the tropics

 Different countries, Different meanings 

Unique Meanings of Yellow in Different Cultures

  1. In Japan, yellow often represents courage.
  2. In China, adult/porn movies are referred to as yellow movies.
  3. In Russia, a common expression for an insane asylum is used “yellow house.”
  4. In Middle era, A yellow spot was used to mark Jews. European Jews were forced to wear yellow or yellow “Stars of David” during the Nazi era of prosecution.

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