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“How to digest food faster?” – 17 proven ways for this trademark question!

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Hello YouArmy,

Good Afternoon,

Many of us think, after eating, just shaking the gut like a dog will digest food faster. In reality, you know the result! 😆 😆 That will do nothing except for your stomach pain 😕 😕

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So, How much time does it take to digest food?

That to say, From mouth to anus, food travels a very long distance of about 9 meters (Digestive track Length). [Cite] Traveling this long-distance takes time and it’s about 24 to 72 hours. [Cite]

Now, here comes the freaky thing! The speed of food from the mouth to the stomach depends on many factors.

For example, what food you choose; how old are you; previously if diagnosed with any diseases; your activity throughout the day etc.


So, are you looking at these questions? 

How to –

  • Digest food faster than a rocket?
  • Keep my stomach healthy and clean?
  • Strengthen a weak stomach?
  • Help my stomach to de-bloat?
  • Digest food faster naturally?

Then welcome! You’re in the right place. Today you will know those, one by one with details. So, here we go …

Firstly, how did food digest in your gut?

Well, food is digested when a series of muscle contractions in your gut occurs! Your digestion will be faster when this contraction occurs faster. Now, hope you know the basic when we’re calling digest food faster what it exactly means!

But before you know how to digest food fast, you should know …

What factors influence your Digestion?

  • What types of food you’re eating? (i.g fast foods or, only veggies)
  • How much food you’re eating? (i.g too much or, too low)
  • Which state in you’re? (i.g happy or, stressful)
  • Have existing digestive disorders or not? (i.g GERD or, ulcer or, other)
  • How old are you? (i.g adult or, child or, older)
  • How many hours do you sleep per day? (i.e too sleepy or, have insomnia – means less sleepy)
  • Amount of food you’re taking per day? (BMR) (i.g too low or, too high than the standard)
  • How much water do you drink? (i.g get enough water or, not enough than the standard)
  • Do have Physical Exercise or not? (i.g less physical activity or, high)
What factors influence your Digestion?
What factors influence your Digestion?

Enough is Enough!

Now, It’s time for Action! Try these 17 awesome ways for this trademark question “How to digest food faster than a rocket?”

So, What things to do to digest food naturally?

Exercise Daily (01/12)

Exercise Daily
Exercise Daily

The first and the foremost thing to digest food faster is – Do Exercise!

No doubt, It’s nothing short of a miracle. Almost, it can cure your health problems from A to Z. Hence, it keeps you far away from many horrible diseases, cancers.

Besides, taking exercise daily not only boosts your digestion faster but also improves blood circulation. Thus, it keeps you healthy and fresh all the time. [Cite]

Amazingly, exercise such as jogging, cycling speed up your gut transit means boosts your digestion. [Cite]

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Chew Food Well & Do Dental Hygiene (02/12)

Chew Food Well & Do Dental Hygiene
Chew Food Well & Do Dental Hygiene

Are you tend to eat faster for competing against your side person or to showoff or in the hurry?

If your answer is YES! Then be careful and correct the way of eating. Because doing so brings uncomfortable and slows the digestion of your stomach.

To know, the first digestion process of your body starts from the mouth. The saliva enzyme presents in your mouth helps to break down the food (carbs) into a smaller part.

So, chewing properly allows the enzyme to break down the food more. And thus, it transfers more vitamins and minerals into your body. [cite]

Not something to mention though, it’s a great start for your body to achieve better and smooth digestion.

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Drink Adequate Water (03/12)

Drink Adequate Water
Drink Adequate Water

As per reports: On average, One should drink at least 2.2 Litres (Women) and 3 Liters (Men) of water per day. [Cite 1, 2, 3]

Doing so keeps you hydrated all over the day and body functions like blood circulation, digestive systems run smoothly.

From another report, before a meal, drinking lukewarm water helps in better digestion and prevents constipation. [Cite 1, 2]

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Take Healthy Sleep (04/12)

Take Healthy Sleep
Take Healthy Sleep

Proper sleep also associated with good health. One should take 7-9 hours of sleep per day. [Cite] Though it requires more for children and 65+ ages people.

Proper sleep gives your gut organs (colon, intestine) required rest which boosts its speed and efficiency. Besides, it also aids in preventing stomach problems like GERD or Acid Reflux, IBS, etc.

But most importantly, one shouldn’t take sleep immediately after a meal [Cite]. You should wait at least 2-3 hours to go to bed and can take a light walk in between this.

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Live Stress-Free (05/12)

Live Stress-Free
Live Stress-Free

Being gut – a second brain [Cite], communication between it and your brain is very crucial. When you’re in fight or flight mode; or, when you’re scared or alert, your body pays less focus on unimportant tasks like – digestion.

Don’t understand? Well take an example,

When you’re running or swimming if someone asks you to eat 100 hamburgers with a container of veggies with 100 eggs, will you eat those at a time? …

Most probably not, right?

That’s how your brain doesn’t think digestion is important at the time of the heightened alert. Rather, it takes extra care of things like more blood circulation.

As a result, you will notice yourself in high blood pressure at tense.

In short, the more stress you will make, the more gut symptoms like bloating, cramping will occur in your gut. So, practice these stress relief tactics and live stress-free. 😀

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Eat Mindfully (06/12)

Eat Mindfully & Keep your TV, Smartphone Away
Eat Mindfully & Keep your TV, Smartphone Away

Eating with the mind or concentrating on eating not only keeps you away from stomach problems but also gives the real taste of the food.

When eating, try to avoid TV and smartphones. Rather, taste and smell each bite of food. Shortly after eating, this tactic will make you feel full. And overall, you will get a different experience of eating than before!

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Eat More Fiber (07/12)

Eat More Fiber
Eat More Fiber

Adding fiber into your daily diet is a very healthy choice. Fiber has two parts – Soluble & Insoluble.

During digestion, soluble fiber absorbs water from the food where the insoluble part pushes the food and keeps it moving. [Cite]

Then, what its benefits?

To be frank, it’s super beneficial and keeps you away from digestive problems like IBS, Bloating.

But every coin has its dark side. While moderate fiber intake is very beneficial, excessive of it is dangerous too! Gas, Bloating, Constipation is some of them.

What food contains fiber?

Raspberries, Apple, Banana, Strawberries from fruits;  Green peas, Broccoli, Sprouts, Corn, Cauliflower, Carrot from vegetables;   Barley, Oatmeal, Brown rice, Bread, whole-wheat from grains;   and Peas, Black Beans, Chia seeds, Almonds from nuts and seeds are high in fiber foods.

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Eat Ginger or Turmeric (08/12)

Eat Ginger or Turmeric
Eat Ginger or Turmeric

Curcumin in Ginger a powerful anti-inflammatory substance that helps to reduce digestive problems. But how it works?

Well, it stimulates the emission of enzymes in your gut which smoothly boosts digestion. Moreover, It increases the contraction of the gut to digest food efficiently.

But surprisingly, it’s not new to the world. Rather, has been used as a medicine to cure sore throats, cramps, fever, infections, toothache, asthma, stroke, diabetes for thousands of years! [Cite 1, 2]

Try this Turmeric Supplement from

Turmeric & Ginger Product

That’s the almighty medicine!! However, Turmeric also works like Ginger and beneficial too!

How to digest food fast after over-eating (full) or lunch or dinner?

So, what should you do after having a tasty-tasty big meal? Well, In terms of over-eating (full), a lukewarm glass of water with a lemon squeeze and turmeric may solve! [Cite]

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Eat Herbal Teas or, What to drink to digest food faster? or, How to improve the digestive system ayurvedically? (09/12)

Eat Herbal Teas like Green Tea, Peppermint Tea
Eat Herbal Teas like Green Tea, Peppermint Tea

Eating herbal teas like Chamomile tea, Green Tea, Peppermint Tea brings excellent health benefits.

  • For thousands of years, Green Tea used as a natural medication for diarrhea. To know, it occurs from helicobacter pylori bacteria which cause stomach pain, nausea and bloating. [Cite]
  • The menthol in Peppermint tea gives relief from stomach disorders like bloating, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), etc.
  • Being flavourful and the most soothing types of tea, Chamomile tea decreases diarrhea, indigestion, and so on.

Try this most rated peppermint tea on!

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Eat Probiotics rich foods like Yogurt/ Eat Supplements (10/12)

Eat Probiotics rich foods like Yogurt
Eat Probiotics rich foods like Yogurt

Adding probiotics into diet boosts digestion significantly. Probiotics are good bacterias naturally live or found in our stomach, intestine, or colon. [Cite 1, 2]

Studies found probiotics may improve stomach symptoms like bloating, gas, pain drastically.

Fermented foods like Yogurt, Kefir, Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Miso – are the most common and popular Probiotics rich foods.

Try this tasty-tasty Yogurt! 😎 

Yogurt Product

Eat Bitter for Better (11/12)

Eat Bitter Things like Melon
Eat Bitter Things

So, What’s your favorite food?

To be honest, Your answer will most probably something like spicy, juicy, sweet, tasty food; right?

But ever bitter meal comes to your mind? …Most probably not! 🙁

But from numerous studies, these are very nutritious and lead to healthy digestion. [Cite 1, 2] From lowering your food craving to producing more stomach acids and digestive juices; all credit goes to Bitter Foods!!!

Moreover, It aids in reducing the probability of heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, etc.

Bitter Melon, Cruciferous Vegetables (such as Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Kale, Radishes, Arugula), Citrus Peel, Cranberries, Coffee (without sugar), Green Tea included in bitter foods list.

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Eat Small but Frequently (12/12)

Eat Small but Frequently
Eat Small but Frequently

Instead of eating a larger meal at a time, try to eat small meals frequently like 4-5 times per day. If not enough, shorten this time to every 3 hours.

What things to avoid for faster digestion?

Avoid Over-eating (01/05)

Avoid Over-eating
Avoid Over-eating

Wow, so delicious food! Let’s eat fast before others start! 😆

Sometimes that might be your decision when you see some yummy foods.  Consequently, again you eat too much, isn’t it? 😆

To be frank, after some time, does this over-eating not feel you uncomfortable?

Probably, ….YES!

Sorry to say, but this over-eating overloads your digestion and slows down the process. Later, it can cause enormous stomach issues like gas, bloating, indigestion.

Start healthy with Green Tea!

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Lipton Tea (US)

To know, It takes about 20 mins to know the brain that your gut is full of food. [Cite 1, 2, 3] That’s why at that time, you may consume more than required if you eat so quickly.

Then, the solution?

Eat slowly & properly and feel every bite of your eating. During eating, focus only on it and keep away from distractions such as TV or smartphones.

There is a myth!

Now, Some people will understand to reduce over-eating means eat less. But it’s completely wrong! To reduce over-eating means eat small healthy meals but frequently.

Avoid Processed Food & Fast Food (02/05)

Avoid Processed Food & Fast Food
Avoid Processed Food & Fast Food

So what are processed foods?

In short, when food goes through a number of processes like washing, cutting, cooking, canning/packaging, frying/freezing combining with preservatives/chemicals/artificial colors called Processed foods.

Mostly, those processes are made to make food more attractive and tastier but not for better health. Soft Drinks, French Fries, Chips, Cookies, Cheese, White Bread are the most common in them. [Cite]

Now, what’s the problem with these?

Well, all these contain high low-quality fats (LDL), high salts, and sugar which can damage your health badly. [Cite 1, 2]

Try Healthy Protein Intake Instead of Fast Food

Protein Powder Ad

Despite having minimal health benefits, these foods take so much time to digest in your body. And those high sugar, salt, LDL are enough to raise blood pressure, heart blockage, constipation at the same time.

Then, the solution?

Healthy Omega 3 Fatty Acids Contained food such as Sea fish (salmon, mackerel); Nuts (Walnuts, Almonds); Seeds (Chia seeds); Extra Vergin Oliv Oil, Dark Chocolate can be replaced with!

But why people don’t stop making fast foods?

It’s all because of profit and taste! You’re loving those, that’s why they’re making those! It’s not so bad at all, as we all have to live by money. The thing you can do – just filter out the good thing from all. 😀

Avoid Extra Spicy Things (03/05)

Avoid Extra Spicy Things
Avoid Extra Spicy Things

Spices like Chili, Pepper, Mustard Seeds, Cardamom, Cinnamon are very health beneficial. It reduces the common cold, cancer, heart disease and provides the most vital vitamin C.

But excessive of it, necessarily not has to be good.

Consuming extra spices brings the opposite of health benefits. Too much of it can irritate your throat, esophagus, and stomach. Later this can lead to serious stomach issues like Acid reflux, Gastric ulcer, Loss of appetite, and so on. [Cite]

So it’s better to eat a proper amount of spices and not to be a hero in others.

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Avoid Late-Night Eating (04/05)

Avoid Late-Night Eating
Avoid Late-Night Eating

Eating at late night and then lying down to bed immediately, can lead to symptoms like heartburn and indigestion.

Can you explain how does it occur scientifically?

Well, that to know, your body requires time to digest as the gravity and esophagus gradually pull down your food. [Cite]

But when you lie down after eating immediately, gravity and muscles can’t work properly. It’s because they aren’t designed to work like that. As a result, the contents of your stomach may rise up and cause gas, heartburn, or indigestion [Cite].

Then, what’s the solution?

So, before going to sleep, it’s recommended to wait for 2-3 hours after eating. Hence, it will give the food enough time to move from your stomach to your small intestine.

Avoid Addictions (05/05)

Avoid Addictions
Avoid Addictions

Addictions like Smoking (cause stomach ulcers and cancer); Alcohol consumption (cause harmful for gut bacterias); Excessive caffeine (upset stomach); are prone to health.

Quitting all those things can induce good health significantly. [Cite]


What food you’re eating, what lifestyle you’re spending – these factors control your digestion. To sum up, faster digestion of food totally depends on your way of eating!







Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1: Is prebiotics the same as probiotics?

A: No! Prebiotics isn’t the same as probiotics. It’s kind of an indigestible food for us but digestible for gut bacterias (probiotics). Thus, it helps them to grow in your gut. Then they start working to increase your digestive energy again!

In short, you can say prebiotics is food for probiotics (gut bacteria) to live.

Q2: Which food digest fast?

A: Banana, Avocado, Melons, Oats, Yogurt, White Flour Foods (like White Bread or Rice), Eggs, Toasts, Lean Chicken are the most common and available food for easier, faster, and healthier digestion.

Q3: How to digest food faster before bed?

A: Before going to bed, avoid taking big meals. And make sure to take your meal at least 2-3 hours before going to bed. [Cite] It can overload your digestive system significantly.

But does it mean you have to go with hunger? A big NO! You should neither take big meals nor be hungry before sleep.

Instead, take light and easily digestible snacks like a glass of milk, an apple, or mentioned above foods (Q2 answer).

Q4: How to digest oily (fatty/greasy/junk/heavy/fried) food faster?

A: The best and recommended way is to avoid these foods completely as much as you can. But still, if you’re indulging in it, you may try the following (Not proven steps) –

[Note: All steps should be followed before or after 15-30 mins of eating, not immediately. Otherwise, it may call your bad health.]

  • Drink a glass of lukewarm water.
  • Drink herbal teas like peppermint tea, green tea, etc. 30 mins after eating, not immediately.
  • Take a very light walking for 5-10 mins.

Q5: Why do we addict to these oily (fatty/greasy/junk/heavy/fried) food?

A: So, what exactly mean by junk/oily food? In short, it’s a highly processed food that contains less healthy nutrients and high bad cholesterols (LDL).

Junk food made in such a way that it looks more attractive and tastes awesome. That’s how companies spend millions to make the perfect texture, taste, etc. to attach you more with these foods.

Therefore, these foods trick your brain to release more dopamine. Thus it manipulates your brain’s reward system* and asks you to eat more. Thus, you become addicted to it.

[*There is an excellent article on this, you can see it here]

Q6: How long does it take to digest fast food/processed food?

A: That to know, fast food/processed food digest very slowly in your stomach compared to other healthy foods.

So, fast food digestion depends on many factors including how fatty the food is, how big the meal is! etc. But on average, fast foods aka junk foods can take up to 3 days to digest fully. [Cite]

Q7: Which food digests faster Rice or Roti?

A: Having low in fiber and complex carbohydrates, Rice (Especially white) digests faster than Roti or Chapati. While roti contains high complex carbs and fiber that digested very slowly means, release energy slowly.

Q8: Does faster digestion help weight loss?

A: Faster and healthy digestion means your body is getting the proper nutrients as it requires! Consequently, with having proper nutrients you will be full for the day and will have fewer cravings for food.

Probably, now you already understand what fewer cravings for food means? – THE WEIGHT LOSS! 😉

Q9: Which food digests faster veg or non-veg? or, Is meat hard to digest?

A: In Brief, for digestion, vegetables take less time compared to meat. We know meats especially red meat contains a lot of protein and fats. But complex chemical bonds like amino acids in protein take too much time to digest with stomach acid (HCL).

Where vegetables, having extensive water content along with fiber, digests easily. To know, Fiber isn’t digestible for our body and simply passes through into our digestive organs.

Then how it helps?

It washes excessive food waste in your food digestion pipeline. For which you stay away from most digestive puzzles, gut bacterias, and unhealthy fats.

Q10: How to digest food faster before a workout/exercise/sport/running? or, Exercises to digest food faster?

A: The answer is – you shouldn’t think about taking exercise after eating, wishing it to digest faster! For this, you have to wait at least 2-3 hours. Then continue!

Remember in an empty or filled stomach, both aren’t suitable for taking exercise. Just take some light snacks like fruits, toasts, or nuts; wait 2 hours, and then go for exercise!

Q11: How to digest food faster by yoga?

A: Normally food breaks into very small parts when it comes under the stomach’s digestive enzyme. So you’re thinking about performing yoga at this time for better digestion, right?

Yoga is mostly done focusing on the stretching of muscles. Not again! But it should also avoid after a full meal.

Instead, Yoga can be taken after 3 hours of a full meal; 2 hours for medium, and 1 hour for a very small snack like fruits.

Prefer these best YOGA poses focused on better digestion:

Q12: How to digest protein food faster?

Actually, your body can’t digest protein directly. Stomach’s proteases enzyme & HCL acid along with Pancreas enzyme break protein into amino acid. Then, your body can easily digest it.

[That to know, the amino acid is the main structure of protein – Wiki]

From earlier, you know acid breaks protein into amino acids. So, to digest protein food faster try eating acidic foods (but not in the empty gut) like lemon, Milk, etc.

Hence, it will make an acidic environment in your gut increasing proteases enzyme & HCL acid. Later aids in faster protein food digestion.

Q13: Worst foods for digestion?

A: If you’re in indigestion or unhealthy state, try avoiding some foods that may cost you heavily. Those are – Dairy products; Too spicy, salty, or sweet food; Caffien; Alcohol; Processed & Fatty foods; Acidic Foods.

Q14: Should you eat ice cream after meals for better digestion?

A: Of course, not! Ice cream contains very high sugar and fats. So, eating ice cream after meals will end up in high blood sugar, gas, bloating, or even vomiting.

Rather, it’s best to eat after a half-full stomach occasionally.

Q15: How to digest food faster during pregnancy?

A: Try following these –

  • Do light exercise daily for at least 30 mins.
  • Avoid eating a big meal at a time. instead, eat smaller but frequent meals.
  • Avoid Extra Fatty Foods and choose healthy veggies or fruits!
  • Eat enough fiber at least 25 grams/day (not too much).
  • Drink at least 2-3 liters of water.

Hope you get all answers to your desired questions about faster digestion and enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading! See you soon 😉

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