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Amazing 27 Soft foods to eat after wisdom Teeth Removal

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Ever you searched your wisdom teeth? Not we aren’t asking you to search it on google, πŸ˜† instead, search it in your mouth!

You will find this tooth on the very last side of your gum. We have 4 wisdom teeth – 2 on the upper left and right; and the other 2 on the lower left and right.

These teeth only grow at the end of the teenage or the starting of adulthood. Usually, it comes between the age of 17 to 22.

Foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal

In which condition, you may have to remove your wisdom teeth?

Nobody wants to lose their white gold πŸ˜₯ means teeth. But sometimes, if your dental symptoms are as follows, you may need or forced to remove your wisdom teeth.

For example, If your wisdom teeth –

  • is Broken in such a way that you can’t eat gently
  • Come out in a wrong angle
  • Badly infected by Bacteria or any such things
  • Occurs irreparable tooth decay
  • Have tumors or such things

In such cases, you have to remove your wisdom teeth to get the real taste of life again. πŸ˜€

What will happen If you don’t remove your wisdom teeth?

Unless you remove wisdom teeth, it may cause a variety of teeth problems. Such as: your wisdom teeth can get infected or, can damage neighboring teeth or, can cause crowding. [Cite]

In the worst cases, your teeth may start to decay or become infected. As a result, a bad smell started to spread in your mouth.

So, undoubtedly, it’s better to extract your teeth for not to face these unnecessary conditions!

How much time does it take to heal wisdom teeth?

Normally, your wisdom teeth removal healing process complete in 4 days. But badly affected or infected teeth may take a week or more to recover. [Cite 1, 2]

Surely, following a properly nutritious diet and dentist’s instructions, minimizes the risk of complications and swollen gums.

Besides, a healthy diet provides nourishment to your gum and boosts your wound-healing process.

After 2-3 days of wisdom teeth removal, you can gradually try eating semi-solid (semi-soft) foods like eggs, oatmeal. Unless you feel any pain then it’s good, but if not, then switch back to your home-sweet-home (soft foods).

When can you start eating normal food after wisdom teeth extraction?

After your tooth extraction, you may face some discomfort like gum pain, bleeding, swelling. So, undoubtedly, you should take extra care of your teeth for the first 24-48 hours. However, on average, it takes around 1 week to come back to normal eating after tooth surgery. [Cite]


What things I should avoid after the wisdom teeth removal?

Well, you’re not only the one, who has this same question! Now, let’s know!

The first and foremost thing to avoid is – you should wait to eat anything until your mouth is no longer numb from anesthesia. Otherwise, you may bite the inside of your cheek, lip, or tongue which ends with serious bleeding.

Secondly, you shouldn’t suck any drinks or any liquid things using a straw. Because sucking through a straw may encourage your blood clot to come out or displaced (dry socket). [Cite 1, 2]

Later, these may turn into serious teeth infections. Similarly, It also not recommended to sip any drinks from a spoon.

Lastly, Bad habits like alcohol or smoking also cause the same result – Dry Socket! [Cite] Especially, nicotine in cigarettes disrupts the healing process and increases recovery time. [Cite 1, 2]

What foods to avoid after wisdom tooth surgery?

You should avoid any crispy, chewy, hard, spicy, or overly heat or cold foods after tooth extraction. Otherwise, all those can trigger your teeth badly and may reopen your treated place.

Not only this, those crispy and hard foods may stick in your tooth cavity and slow down the wound healing. Bread, Nuts, Cookies, Chips are some food examples of it.

That’s why you should eat soft foods continuously at least for the first 2 days. After then, you can try eating semi-solid or semi-soft foods gradually.

Further, You should also clean your teeth with saltwater or mouth cleaner liquid, toothpaste regularly. But always be very gentle and careful when cleaning your teeth which you have been treated.

Now, let’s come to the biG QUEstion!

What foods to eat after wisdom Teeth Removal?

Well, We’ve categorized three groups for this –

  1. Soft Foods
  2. Semi-Soft Foods
  3. Tasty & Soft but Less Nutritional Foods

Let’s know each of them one by one. Here we go …

1. Soft Foods to eat after wisdom Teeth Removal

Fruit Juice (01/12)

Fruit Juice - Soft Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Removal

There is a proverb goes that “Never underestimate the health benefits of fruit”! Well, you didn’t hear it before??? No problem!!! Except for me and you, nobody heard this! :-p πŸ˜†

Instead of taking raw or chunks of fruits, always try to choose fruit juice after your teeth removal. Because in the next 24 to 72 hours, your body and the wound will need healthy nutrients for faster healing!

Smoothies (02/12)

Smoothies - Soft Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Smoothies are made by blending raw fruits and vegetables. And you already imagine how much nutrition you may have from both fruits and vegetables.

For better results add ice to make it cold, or add protein powder to make it nutritious and healthy.

Broths or Thin Soups (03/12)

Soups or Broths - Soft Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Both broths and thin soups are very easy to eat, like drinking a glass of water! πŸ˜• Their taste and nutrients make you to feel better at the time of your sickness. [Cite 1, 2]

Besides, both broths (especially chicken) and soups provide valuable electrolytes like sodium, potassium. [Cite 1, 2] These electrolytes help to keep your body hydrated and fix tissue damage. [Cite 1, 2, 3]

Dairy Foods (04/12)

Dairy Foods - Soft Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Dairy foods provide nutrients like minerals (especially calcium), vitamins, and protein. Truly, you can choose several choices from dairy things. For example, Milkshake, Cottage Cheese, Yogurt are some of them. Let’s know some of them in details –

Banana Milkshake (01/04)

A milkshake made with bananas is both healthy and tasty.

Milk provides calcium, helps in your bone health and muscle growth. [Cite] On the other hand, Banana gives Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and fiber. It helps to cure various diseases, depression, and indigestion respectively. [Cite]

That to remember, you shouldn’t use sugar in milkshakes. Because sugar not only boosts blood sugar levels but also causes your teeth to be prone to bacterias.

Sour Cream (02/04)

Fermenting cream with lactic acid bacteria makes Sour Cream. It mostly used as toppings on foods such as tacos, potato foods, stews, etc.

On average, it contains 20% of fat [Cite] and 200 calories (normal sour cream) [Cite]. Despite this, it shouldn’t be used as a primary source of nutrients as it has few amounts of essential nutrients. [Cite]


Greek Yogurt (03/04)

Greek Yogurt contains less sugar but very rich in fiber and cream than normal yogurt. [Cite] It also contains healthy bacterias that help your digest faster. [Cite]

Besides, it is soft, healthy, and tasty along with vitamins like Vitamin B-6, B12. [Cite] Thus, all these make a perfect eating partner for you after wisdom tooth removal.

Cottage cheese (04/04)

Acid is added to pasteurized milk to make Cottage cheese. Later, this pasteurization separates the milk solids from the whey (milk).

It’s a very famous food among dieters for its casein protein which is very low in fat. It’s one of the fewest cheeses which can also be eaten by pregnant. [Wiki]

Thus, cottage cheese is one of the best soft foods to eat after tooth removal for its softness, easy digestion, and nutritional value.

Mashed Bananas (05/12)

Mashed Bananas - Soft Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Bananas are an extremely popular fruit among sportsmen. Because it’s a great source of vitamin B, potassium, and manganese, and folate. [Cite]

It’s both delicious and healthy. If it seems a little hard, then you can mash to consume it easily.

Apple sauce (06/12)

Apple Sauce - Soft Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Hmm … You are an apple fruit lover but can’t enjoy it after picking teeth for its hardness, right?

Then, just simply eat apple sauce!

Amazingly, it has more nutrients and taste than a raw apple. Applesauce is also very high in vitamin C and dietary fiber. [Cite]

Melons (07/12)

Melons - Soft Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Removal

There are various types of melons. Like: Watermelons, Ananas, Camouflage, Cantaloupe, Casaba Melon, Honeydew Melon etc.

These types of melons come from a family called Cucurbitaceae. And undoubtedly, almost all of them are healthy, sweet, tasty, and fleshy fruit.

So, you can add melons in the list of your “Foods to eat after wisdom Teeth Removal!” easily. Now, let’s know some more benefits of melons:

  • Melons mostly packed with water which helps to keep your body hydrated. For example, Watermelon has 92% of water while Cantaloupe has 90% of water. [Cite]
  • It contains Beta Carotene, works as an anti-aging substance.
  • Has vitamin c which strengthens your immune and prevents diseases like common fever and cold.
  • Melons have folate which fights against cancer.

Wheat Cream/ Mashed Wheat (08/12)

Wheat Cream - Soft Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wheat Cream is a great source of essential nutrients like niacin (Vitamin B3), Vitamin B6, thiamine, riboflavin, folate. It’s also rich in iron, an essential element for blood production. [Cite]

So, you can take mashed wheat or wheat cream in a bowl or, can eat with other foods as a supplement.

Mashed or Pureed Potatoes (09/12)

Mashed Potatoes - Soft Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Potatoes are one of the most versatile food in the world. You will find it almost in every food.

A 100g potato contains 79% water, 17% carbs, 2% protein, 2.2% fiber, a negligible amount of sugar and fat. [Cite] So, being soft you can go for mashed potatoes, without much hesitation.

Lastly, it also includes numerous vitamins like vitamin B3, A, E, K1, and minerals like phosphorus, calcium, potassium, etc. So, it’s a great friendly food to eat after your wisdom teeth removal.

Tofu (10/12)

Tofu - Soft Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Tofu (hails from china) is prepared by condensing soy milk (boiling and filtering from soybeans). Thus, it becomes soft and needs lesser chewing efforts.

Moreover, Tofu is very rich in calcium [Cite] which strengthens your teeth as well as bones. Amazingly, it also has fewer calories (70cal per 100g) [Cite] which makes the perfect partner for your health.

Hummus (11/12)

Hummus - Soft Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Hummus is mainly produced from blending chickpeas, sesame seeds, and olive oil. As it’s served in blended form, you can easily eat it.

Now, let’s know what exactly you’re consuming when eating Hummus!

Firstly, chickpeas in hummus contain protein, fiber, and carbs [Cite] which faster the tooth healing process repairing your wound. While sesame seeds and olive oil have monosaturated fats which are very healthy fat for your heart. [Cite 1, 2]

Protein Powder (12/12)

Protein Powder - Soft Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Removal

You can guess what it contains by its name!

Yes! – it mainly packed with proteins that bring numerous health benefits to your body like, muscle recovery, metabolism booster, reduce hunger, and so on. [Cite]

To make it, you just need a mixture of a glass of water (500ml) and 2-3 tablespoons of protein powder (40g). And then Cheers!

Now, let’s know a little about protein powder.

Generally, there are 3 common forms of Protein Powder:

– Protein concentrates: Contains 60-80% protein, the rest 40-20% made of fat and carbs.

– Protein isolates: It contains about 90–95% protein. An additional filtering process removes extra fat and carbs. 

– Protein hydrolysates: Protein hydrolysates is kind of an Instant Protein which absorbed more quickly in your body and muscles. This type of protein mostly used in sports for instant energy and muscle recovery.

There are also different types of protein powder:

– Whey or Casein Protein Powder: Both of them are generally made from milk. But the difference between them is Casein Powder digests slowly than Whey Protein Powder. [Cite]

Because Casein forms a gel when it interacts with stomach acid which slows down the “stomach emptying” process. Eventually, it implies that from casein your body’s muscles get a steady supply of energy for longer.

– Egg Protein Powder: As well as being soft and healthy, eggs are one of the best foods to help keep you full for longer. [Cite]

However, Egg protein powder is made from the egg’s white part instead of a whole. Unfortunately, for this, you will have less nutrition than a whole egg.

– Pea Protein Powder: It comes from yellow split peas and very high in fiber and protein. It’s the best food choice for vegans and allergy people who have allergen from dairy products.

– Brown Rice Protein Powder: Amazingly, Brown Rice contains more nutrients than white rice. [Cite] Unfortunately, it may cost more than white as it has less demand along with less manufacturers.

You can try these awesome Protein Powder Brands. Choose them as per your likings! [Promoted Products]

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In the Market, there are also a variety of mixed protein powders. These are made by mixing with chia seeds, brown rice, or peas. You can choose them also!

You can check an excellent article about Protein Powder on Healthline.

2. Semi-Soft Foods to eat after wisdom Teeth Removal

Soft bread (01/06)

Soft Bread - Semi-Soft Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Usually, soft bread is made soft either by baking flour or by yeast. You may eat it with peanut butter, or any soups.

Though Bread has fewer calories but rich in nutrients. For example, a slice of white bread (32g) has 82 Calories, 2g fiber, 1.4g Sugar, 4g of Protein. [Cite]

In fact, being soft it’s in the first position on the list of “Semi-soft Foods to eat after wisdom Teeth Removal”. For to know, brown bread is better than white bread in terms of nutrients like fiber, carbs, protein. [Cite]

Scrambled Eggs (02/06)

Scrambled Eggs - Semi-Soft Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Scrambled eggs are softer than normal full eggs and except for Vitamin C, almost all vitamins are found in eggs. [Cite]  In fact, you can easily start eating super nutritious scrambled eggs after 48 hours of your surgery.

Soft Fishes (03/06)

Soft Fishes - Semi-Soft Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Soft fishes like Salmon, Tuna not only healthy but also very easy to swallow. You don’t have to chew too much for it. So, you may consider it on your soft food list.

Oatmeal (04/06)

Oatmeal - Semi-Soft Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Extraction

For its sticky and chewy texture, oatmeal is on the list of “Semi-soft foods to eat after wisdom Teeth Removal”.

Surprisingly, oatmeal is a good source of fiber (has 1.7g of dietary fiber per 100g). [Cite] To say, fiber helps in better digestion. [Cite]

Pureed or Mashed Vegetables (05/06)

Mashed Vegetables - Semi-Soft Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Without vegetables, no one (even alien!) in the universe can’t think about a healthy day. From minerals to vitamins all sources are packed in vegetables.

Now, let’s know some nutritious veggies suitable for wisdom teeth recovery!

Carrots: Loaded with tons of nutrients like fibers, folate, antioxidants, [Cite] makes Carrots the perfect veggie of all time!

Squash: Like other veggies, it’s also high in vitamins, fiber, minerals [vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B6], and so on. [Cite] To know, Riboflavin helps in our healthy growth. [Cite]

Beans: Beans also packed with a good content of fiber and proteins.

Broccoli: Broccoli has a series of vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C, E, K. [Cite] It’s a very nutritious green plant that can be eaten soft through steaming properly.

Mashed Pumpkin: In terms of availability, healthy, and price there are very few vegetables compare to the pumpkin. Its soft and mushy texture is very easy to digest. It also a great source of several vitamins like Vitamin A, C, B-6 and minerals like Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, etc.

[Note for Dental Patients: All of these veggies should be served in mashed not in raw for the first week!]

Avocados (06/06)

Avocados - Semi-Soft Foods to eat after Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Avocado is the universal fruit when the term “HEALTHY” comes. It’s also a food that not create much pressure on teeth while eating. Its healthy fats and various vitamins (like vitamin E, C, K, and B-6) [Wiki] is very essential for wound healing.

You can also try Glucamole, an avocado-based salad with tomatoes, onions, peppers that is also very soft.

3. Fewer nutritional but tastier foods to eat after wisdom Teeth Removal

Ice Cream (01/09)

Ice Cream - Fewer nutritional but tastier foods to eat after tooth surgery

Well, Ice Cream is one of the first choices to taste after any kind of dental surgery.

Though ice cream isn’t nutritious, its cool and sweet texture creates comfort after teeth surgery.

Jelly (02/09)

Jelly - Fewer nutritional but tastier foods to eat after tooth surgery

Jelly is a kind of gelatine dessert that is soft and doesn’t need much chewing. Though it’s very tasty to eat (or you can say drink πŸ˜† ), it’s not so nutritious. Because it mostly contains sugars. [Cite]

Pudding (03/09)

Pudding - Fewer nutritional but tastier foods to eat after tooth surgery

Like Ice Cream or Jelly, Pudding also a soft and sweet food. Although it’s not so healthy, is still a portion of good food to bring back the taste in your mouth.

Pasta (04/09)

Pasta - Fewer nutritional but tastier foods to eat after tooth surgery

Pasta is basically prepared by baking dough of wheat with water. As it mainly contains carbs (starch) it’s also very less nutritious.

Being soft for baking, it’s on the list of “Fewer nutritional but tastier foods to eat after wisdom Teeth Removal”. 

There are various kinds of pasta such as Fettuccine, Spaghetti, etc.

Waffles (05/09)

Waffles - Fewer nutritional but tastier foods to eat after tooth surgery

Waffles are prepared with leavened batter or dough. [Cite] For these ingredients, it becomes very spongy when baked. Thus, these can be easily eaten by anyone.

Pancakes (06/09)

Pancakes - Fewer nutritional but tastier foods to eat after tooth surgery

Pancakes are made with eggs and milk in butter or oil. Being very small in size and soft, they are easy to eat.

But remember, like other foods on the list, it’s not so healthy and mostly filled with calories, fats, sodium, and carbs. [Cite]

Souffle (07/09)

Souffle - Fewer nutritional but tastier foods to eat after tooth surgery

Usually, souffle is made baking egg whites and egg yolks. To make it tastier and softer, some people try different ingredients like lemon, jam, berries, cheese, vegetables, or even chocolate. [Cite]

So, yes! You can have this soft souffle on your food list but should be in moderation.

Custard (08/09)

Custard - Fewer nutritional but tastier foods to eat after tooth surgery

Generally, Custard is made of cornflour or corn church. [Cite] As it mostly contains cornflour, it provides high calories and fats with fewer nutrients.

It only becomes a little healthy when egg or milk is added. So, for its sweet, soft & creamy texture, you can eat it, but again in moderation.

Macaroni and cheese (09/09)

Macaroni and Cheese - Fewer nutritional but tastier foods to eat after tooth surgery

Like other foods, Macaroni and cheese are also known for their softness and taste.

Still, they’re on the list of “Fewer nutritional but tastier foods to eat after wisdom Teeth Removal”. Because it also carries high fats, sodium, and calories. [Cite] However, you can add veggies to make macaroni and cheese healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you drink tea or coffee after the wisdom teeth removal? (01/07)

Many of us start our day with a cup of tea or tea. But … But … you don’t want to put your health at risk by just drinking these drinks, right?

After your tooth extraction, the oral surgeon may suggest you avoid hot drinks like tea or coffee. After 5 days of your surgery, [Cite] you can come back to your old friends (tea/coffee). But only if –

  • The drink is lukewarm.
  • You are not drinking these drinks (tea/coffee) using a straw. Otherwise, drinking a drink through a straw may cause a painful condition known as Dry Socket.

What will happen if you drink hot drinks immediately after teeth extraction? (02/07)

It will slow down your wound healing and may disclose or displace or disrupt your blood clot that forming on your teeth. [Cite] Later, it can create a dry socket [Cite] that can cause bleeding or infection in your gums.

What is the recovery time after the wisdom teeth removal? (03/07)

In the first 48 hours, you will have little soreness in your gum. But over time, the pain gradually decreased and in 1 week all sources of pain vanished. Depending on some situations like age, the amount of surgery can increase this time.

After the wisdom teeth removal, why you should practice good self-care; eat soft and healthy foods? (04/07)

After tooth extraction, Practicing good self-care, Eating Soft & Healthy Foods all contribute to faster healing. And the faster your wisdom teeth will heal, the faster you will stay away from being infected by bacteria.

Because mouth *bacteria multiply when they come in contact with wounds, foods rich in sucrose or sugar. They are responsible to cause damage to your teeth such as bleeding, **tooth decay, bad breath, tooth cavity, etc.

[*S. mutans (Streptococcus mutans) or S. sobrinus bacteria are mostly responsible to cause tooth decay. [Britannica, Wiki**They reduce the pH level of your teeth (means create an acidic environment) [Wiki] which decays the enamel of your teeth – known as Tooth Decay.]

How to know a wisdom tooth should be removed or not? (05/07)

Your dentist can tell if your wisdom teeth should be removed or not. They do it just by taking an X-ray of your mouth.

An X-ray of your teeth can show whether it’s impacted, infected, or have any unusual growth. Then, dentists will discuss with you about the benefits and risks of surgery. And then they will decide whether to go further.

How do doctors extract wisdom teeth? Or, How a wisdom teeth are treated? (06/07)

That to know, wisdom tooth extraction is difficult than the standard teeth. Because wisdom teeth located at the very backside of your gum line.

If your wisdom teeth cause dental problems, your dentist may suggest taking them out. Before extraction, first, the doctor uses *anesthetic drugs so that you do not feel pain during the surgery.

After anesthesia, then the surgeon will make a cut in your gums and take out the problematic tooth. Once the tooth out, a gauze pad or stitches are applied as per the amount of wound. They may close the incision with stitches for a big wound or fill the hole with gauze for a small wound.

After a couple of hours, you may face gum swelling or bleeding in your wisdom area. But normally in 24-48 hours, all of those get vanished! [Cite]

[*To know, nerves transmit sensitive signals between your body and brain. And scientifically, anesthetic drugs disconnect these nerves for some time. As a result, your brain can’t feel the pain during this time.]

How much does it cost to remove wisdom teeth? (07/07)

To clear, the cost of wisdom tooth removal depends on several factors. For example,

  • The intensity of wounds on your teeth (the most common reason);
  • The type of your dental insurance;
  • The complexity in your case (like you may have an allergen to certain anesthesia drugs);
  • The fees and the location of your dentist (like in general, the cost of surgery in urban areas is expensive than in rural areas);

Combining all, these control the cost of your wisdom teeth removal.

So, hope you enjoyed this post and got some valuable info about teeth removals. Thanks for reading! See you soon πŸ˜‰

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