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What is the difference between http and https?

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http and https sign
http and https sign

Are you familiar with the above icons? Do you notice if any site have a padlock or not? This padlock is called https and without a padlock of any site means it is unsecured (http).

So, Today we will know the difference between http and https, how https works and many more things. Here we go…

Before we know the difference we should know what is http?

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)

It is a transport system over the internet which allows adding graphics, audio, video, plain text, and hyperlinks into their simple plain text format.

HTTP was first initiated in 1989 and standardized by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) & W3c(World Wide Web Consortium). It was designed and aimed to improve the communication between the client and the server.

The communication between client and server is oriented by the ASCII character framework. In the world of Networking and Communication Port 80 is allocated to HTTP.

The default prefix of a website located over the internet (Server) is HTTP, but today users are moved to the upgraded, advanced and secured version of HTTP called HTTPS. As time by time, online security is the major concern over the internet, we should always be updated with new technologies. Old technology is comparatively brought higher risks to the users as it has vulnerability and bugs. So here comes https for this solution.

HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP Secure)

The use of the internet is increased globally, and parallel the risk of cyberattacks is also at the peak. If there is a lack of security mechanism of a website, the change of cyber attack is high.

HTTPS is an advanced encryption mechanism and a bridge between the browser and server which enables the layer of security to encrypt the communication. HTTPS is a secured version of HTTP, which assures the communication is secured by making use of SSL/TLS connection. It encrypts the ongoing communication between the browser and the server and lets users evaluate the secured environment.

https vs https

To active an HTTPS connection, the user needs to purchase an SSL certificate from a trusted Certificate authority and then install it on his appropriate server. Although many companies like Let’s Encrypt provide free SSL with hosting. You can also secure your website totally free from another big free SSL provider company Cloudflare. It also supports free of cost SSL.

How HTTPS Works?

How http and https works?
How http and https works? (

In HTTPS the code-text is written in standard HTTPS format and SSL/TLS secured layer to encrypt the HTTP text and protect the communication. One a website is encrypted with the HTTPS, no other person, robot or hacker can see what communication is going on between the browser and server. SSL certificate is made up of SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) which uses Public Key and Private Key for encryption and decryption process.

While doing online transaction via Credit/Debit card or via other payment systems, if the connection is not secured or encrypted, cybercriminals can suspiciously track the user’s activity and make that user as a victim of cyber-attack. Not just that users, in some cases the whole website founds the victim of cyber-attacks.

SSL/TLS protocols assure that the connection will remain encrypted, and no other person can be accessible to use it. Not only websites but it can also use to secure Mobile applications, System software, important documents and files.

HTTPS requires is being server over port 443. HTTPS assures the information being shared is encrypted and not accessible by others. E-commerce (Mandatory as here users give their crucial bank details fro buying-selling), Social Media, Banking, Healthcare, Government, etc organizations are recommended to use HTTPS to encrypt communication. The not only website but Web apps, Mobile Apps (Android, iOS, Windows) are recommended to encrypt with the HTTPS.

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https Padlock Icon
https Padlock (from

Why https?

  • Secure communication between browser and server.
  • Encrypt website and user information.
  • Assures user’s sensitive information is safe.
  • Protect websites from cyber-attacks.
  • Gives SEO benefits in Google search.
  • Increases the website’s reputation over the internet.
  • Secure application, software and documents.

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