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Top 5 Best Antivirus for PC in 2021 (With Star Rating)

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In today’s modern era, a lot of current popular antivirus software is not good enough for security that they claim. As the smartest cybercriminals are getting much harder to fight against.

Many antivirus products are most of the time useless or worst at their performance. Today I’ve tested some antivirus software that was dangerously ineffective and left my computer more vulnerable than before.

Yes! you heard it right! They made my PC so slow and vulnerable.

Some of them designed to infect your computer and steal your personal information.



So, The question is why it is needed?

We use antivirus mainly for two things — Detect and Remove computer viruses. Nowadays, it’s a lot more complicated as hackers are becoming intelligent over time. Most antivirus companies now offer full-suite software packages designed to protect every aspect of your online life.

These 5 best antiviruses are rated based on some points below:

  • Strong malware protection: I only recommend products that have proven to protect against the most advanced malware threats — not only viruses, but also spyware, rootkits, ransomware, and anything else that could cause devices harm.
  • Good quality extra features: Many antivirus brands offer bonus security features.


  • Phishing protection — to SECURE your search, shopping, and online banking experience.
  • VPN — a secure internet connection that protects your personal information on browsing.
  • Parental controls — to keep your kids safe online.

NOTE: These products must be genuinely useful and effective. Sometimes, Bad Antiviruses fancy extras may slow down your computer and affect your device’s performance.

  • Fast and efficient: Antiviruses must be lightweight and run smoothly — even on slower computers.
  • Easy Interface: It must have the easy to use interface so that anyone will be able to set up and use these programs.
  • Value for money: Antivirus software can be a big investment. Antivirus must be at best performance with a low or considerable price.

So, Today Let’s look for the Top 5 Best antiviruses for PC to make your computer more secure and run like a rocket. Here we go…




No. 5) Quick Heal


Quick Heal contains both automatic and customization scanning modes. While the former will check your files and directories according to the default system settings, the latter lets you choose which areas of the system to scan for viruses. The AV-Test Institute has given it a “Top Product” rating. 

The software includes the Advance DNA Scan tool which provides continuous monitoring for unsafe programs. Behaviour-based antivirus tools provide stronger protection over signature-based models.


  • Anti-keylogger tool (Block access to the download page for popular Windows key-logger Spyrix and then quarantined the program)
  • Parental control system (Directly integrates with your system accounts, which makes it easy to block certain categories of websites)
  • Automatic scan scheduler
  • PC tuner (Improve the performance of your operating system)

Ease of use

Quick Heal Total Security can be downloaded from the Quick Heal website. Although the program initiated a lengthy download process before installing the program.

Quick Heal dashboard features five main buttons to quickly access the deeper menus for the various scanning options and a checkmark indicator on the “home” page provides an immediate indication of the system’s health.

Red Colored Q means: System at Risk

Orange Colored Q means: System may be vulnerable

Green Colored Q means: System is secure


Quick Heal has provided a comprehensive support program through the telephone icon on the bottom of the dashboard.

There are the usual options (an email ticketing system, a web-based knowledge base, and live chat), but what really impressing was the remote support functionality which can be launched from within the program. Truly, Quick Heal excels in this department.

Negative Point(-)

Though it is good in quality. But on low configured PC, it can slow down your computer. Though it’s very rare, sometimes the system crashed (My personal experience, it may be my PC’s system fault)

Overall Rating: (8.4 out of 10)

You May Buy Quick Heal Antivirus From Below:

No. 4) Kaspersky 

The web is full of hazards, and your antivirus software must protect you against cyberattacks. Kaspersky Internet Security takes Kaspersky’s well-known, solid antivirus protection and adds some impressive bonus features that will help keep you safe online frauds.

Online Shopping and banking are risky activities on the internet — without proper protection, you’re vulnerable to financial theft. Falling victim to a banking Trojan or keylogger spyware can have devastating consequences. Several people who have lost thousands of dollars because they weren’t careful enough when shopping online.

Here comes Kaspersky. It can detect when you’re about to make a payment or use online banking. You can then launch a safe, sandboxed browser window that’s impenetrable to malware, and use Kaspersky’s On-Screen Keyboard to avoid keylogger detection.

Negative Point(-)

  • Support is not 24hours (They are only open from 08:00 to 21:00 EST Monday through Friday and 08:00 to 17:00 EST on weekends)
  • Problems with Browsers (Not optimized for Internet Explorer Browser)
  • The interface could be better

Overall Rating: (8.5 out of 10)

You May Buy Kaspersky Antivirus From Below:


No. 3) Norton 360 (Symantec)

Norton 360 offers unbeatable security protection — it’s very good, if you’re looking to protect any device on any platform, keep your personal information private, and make sure your family stays safe online.

It offers exceptional features on every 360 plan. Even on Norton 360 Standard (the cheapest plan), users get

  • Real-time malware protection
  • Unlimited VPN access
  • Password manager
  • 10 GB Secure Cloud storage.

This is seriously good value for an entry-level antivirus product.

There are some great benefits to upgrading, too — more licenses, more storage space, and access to the best parental control software I’ve ever used in an antivirus.

Norton’s powerful antivirus engine can handle the most advanced online threats. It scored a 100% malware protection. It runs smoothly and won’t slow down your device. It’s also very easy-to-use interface.

Negative Point(-)

It make a mess of one function or another on a client’s computer. And there is lots of advertising to the contrary which may makes your computer slow. Its support with low experienced stuff at 10 hours per day (On Working Days).


As many users experienced poor experience with this antivirus and it has too many reasons for reducing PC performance, we don’t recommend it. My some friends also face this types of problems recently.

So, why it is in the list?

It’s because it also recommended by many popular and trusted sites. So, its 50-50. Now decision is yours!

Overall Rating: (8.5 out of 10)

You May Buy Norton 360 Antivirus From Below:


No. 2) McAfee

McAfee Total Protection includes almost every internet security feature you’ll need, including:

  • World-class protection against malware — including viruses, spyware, and ransomware.
  • Safe Web Browsing.
  • Encrypted Storage.
  • Password manager.

One standout feature of McAfee Total Protection is “My Home Network”. This provides an easy-to-read map of all devices on your home Wi-Fi network, giving you total control over your online security, and allowing you to lock out intruders.

McAfee alerts unauthorized access attempt and can immediately stop the notorious attack like “Switcher Trojan” .

McAfee is a recognized market leader in cyber security, and Total Protection is its best antivirus package yet.

Negative Point(-)

There is no VPN feature available. Too many features need to be downloaded separately, and that might confuse some users.

Overall Rating: (9.5 out of 10)

You May Buy McAfee Antivirus From Below:


No. 1) Bitdefender

It is the top quality and No.1 antivirus according to our rating and user experience.

Bitdefender has become one of the biggest names in cyber security software with 500M+ users worldwide.

Bitdefender Total Security is Bitdefender’s top quality home antivirus product. In addition to being a powerful and highly effective antivirus solution with perfect detection rates, Bitdefender offers one of the most comprehensive security suites available.

Here are just some of the extensive range of features available with Bitdefender Total Security:

  • On-demand and real-time protection against all types of malware.
  • Web protection, including protection against phishing, fraud, and spam.
  • Anti-theft tools.
  • Tune-up tools.
  • VPN.
  • Parental controls.

Most importantly, though, Bitdefender’s antivirus is extremely powerful. Its Advanced Threat Defense is constantly monitoring active applications for suspicious behavior, and the Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection safeguard the files by encryption.

Bitdefender Total Security offers a phenomenal range of security tools for a cheaper price than the most competitors. And it doesn’t compromise on quality that’s why i love it. I recommend Bitdefender if you’re confident with PCs and you take your online safety extremely seriously.

Negative Point(-)

The only drawback is that the software is relatively complicated in user interface, and Installation setup take a long time to finish.

It slightly costly compare to other antivirus.

But if you do this properly, you’ll be rewarded with a seriously powerful antivirus.

Overall Rating: (9.8 out of 10)

You May Buy Bitdefender Antivirus From Below:

Hope you find the best one, according to your needs. Let us know below the comment section, which one suits you. Thanks for reading! See you again 😉


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