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Peel P50 – Meet the slowest car in the world even in 2021!

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Hello YouArmy,

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You may know that there is always so much discussion about speed. Which supercars are the fastest? Which one set a new record or a new world speed record?

But what about the cars at the complete opposite end of this thought!!!  Means what’s about the slowest car? Which car is the slowest in the world?? Do you ever ask about it?

So, in this post, today we will know about the slowest car in the world. Here we go…

Note that: There is simply no such thing as the slowest car in the world. However, if you are talking about top speed, it was the first production car in car history with the slowest production car speed ever! [Learn more in Wikipedia]


Benz Velo

The Benz Velo was one of the first cars introduced by Karl Benz in 1894. The early Velo had a 1L 1.5 hp engine and later a 3 hp engine giving a top speed of 12 mph (20 km/h). The Velo was officially introduced by Karl Benz, named as the Velocipede and became the world’s first large-scale production car. The Velocipede remained in production between 1894 and 1902. It produced about 1200+ cars into that meantime.

But Wait! Wait! You may ask it was 1894! If you are looking at the slowest car in the ’20s. Do they really exist? So, What is the Slowest Car in the world in our modern world?


MEET The slowest car in the world is the Peel P50 and the speed is only 28mph (28 miles per hour). It is manufactured by Peel Engineering. It’s so slow that it has become a part of history. Holding the Guinness World Records for the smallest car that has been ever made, it also crowns the title of being the slowest.

Yes, It’s also the smallest car in the world!!!

what is the slowest car in the world

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So, the Big Question is why are they making the slowest cars in the ’20s aka in the 21st century?

The speed of the electric vehicle is designed limited to that range because Peel’s slogan has always been “Cheaper than walking”. The very cringe slogan ever I see! However, Here is

The Specifications of Peel P50 – Slowest Car in the World

The Peel P50 appeared in the market in 1962. With 54 inches in length, the three-wheeler was and still is the world’s smallest car. The company discontinued it in 1969 but it brought it back into production in 2010 with demand coming from countries far and wide. Currently, it manufactures petrol and an electric version of the car.

The original edition has one door on the left side, a single widescreen wiper, and a headlight. There was no reverse gear but a rear handle to lift the car around by hand when needed. It was easy to pull as the weight was only 59 Kgs (130 pounds). An adult man can easily lift off the whole car very easily!!!! But the question is, hey kid are you enough powerful to lift this car?? (lol)


Leave the joke and let’s move on to the point. The new version keeps the physical features almost similar but brings changes in the drivetrain, suspension, and steering. It has a fully-functioning reverse gear.

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The top speed of both versions is 28mph. however, the original engine has a 49cc, generating 4.2 hp.

The new petrol-run version generates slightly less power, 3.35 hp, with a 49cc four-stroke engine. It comes with a modern CVT instead of the old one’s three-speed transmission. The EV (Electric Vehicle) edition generates the same power with a moped electric motor and gelled-electrolyte batteries. So, you maybe think that this car may be so cheap in price. That’s why they are producing the smallest cars, right?

what is the slowest car in the world
Peel P50

So, Should You Buy a Peel P50?

Purchasing the slowest car in the world does not seem very practical or useful, especially when it costs almost $16,000. Yes, it costs $16k!!! Are you got a heart attack??? Yes, the price is not a joke that mentioned above! They are actual. So, will you cost this amount for this tiny car?

With this amount of money, You will get plenty of choices with better amenities and secondhand versions of many mid-range cars.

Still, the P50 has some major advances over a standard automobile. It offers a surprising 118 mpg (miles per gallon) 35 mpg for the EV, which makes it cheaper and a better replacement than walking. Also, this is the only car that you can park in your living room and also may be in your toilet! (lol)

So, that’s it for today! Thanks for reading! See you again.

Stay home, Stay safe!

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