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Peregrine Falcon – Meet the fastest bird in the world ever!

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The journey of the evolution of birds flying

Birds are the most unique creatures in the world. While every animal is special in its own way; birds also have the speciality, the ability to fly.

Their wings allow them to make long flights. That’s how it makes them so different from most other animals. Over the years, they truly developed their ways of flight, in a way to adapt to the environment they living in.

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However, carrying out this aerial movement, they must perfectly balance things like thrust, drag, weight, lift etc. Wings play an important factor in their flight. That to say, short wings allow birds for their maximum speed.

Several theories try to explain why birds developed this such flying ability. Thus, they introduce some ideas. Birds adapt excellent flying abilities, because —

  • Preying on animals from high places led to flight.
  • Balancing arms while flying in poor weather led to wing development.

Some birds have made these great evolutions into the fastest of their kind. And as a result, Peregrine Falcon becomes the fastest bird in the world.

Peregrine Falcon

The fastest bird in the world - Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon also considered the fastest animal on the earth.

Peregrine falcon comes from the family of Falconidae. Its binomial name is Falco peregrinus. Its speed reaches up to 242 Mph/389 Kmph and it is highly considered to be the fastest bird in the world.

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How did they gain so much speed?

In order to hunt its prey, the peregrine falcon flies to huge heights and as soon as it sees one, it dives to reach even greater heights and kills it.

The adult peregrine falcon has long pointed wings with powerful muscles. It gives them exceptional speed in flight. The thick feathers on their wings also avoid chances of drag by the wind.

[Some sources claim that during the dive to prey, it can reach the blazing fastest speed of 450 Mph+]

Where They can be found?

It is a widely found species and can be seen in almost all continents other than Antarctica. They mostly eat songbirds, ducks, pigeons, and waterfowl.

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