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Why we say hello first on phone? | Hello Invention

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Hello Gnees Army,

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In today’s world we are using phone calling to reach one part of the world to another easily at any time. But did you notice? Each time we call someone over the phone, we say “Hello”. Did you know why we say this?

Today Let’s know about this!

The term ‘hello’ was first used by Thomas Edison to answer over the phone. It then became the standard for answering calls.

Most of the people say “hello” when they pick up the phone. It is just instinctive. Hello was actually a variation of English greeting ‘hullo.’

Why we say hello first on phone

The telephone was invented by Graham Bell in the year 1876. At this time  Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. At this time the term “hello” was being used as an attention word. Like “Hello, what are you doing? Or “Hello, who is there? Or “Hello, what’s was your name? Etc., in fact, hello was the word is used as a greeting over the phone.

Such like this, “hello” word was a need for a greeting that allowed a person to get the attention of the person on the other line.

So, Why we say hello first on phone?


There is a rumor goes that the term “hello” was the name of Graham Bell’s girlfriend. Margaret Hello was the first person to contact with the Graham Bell over the newly invented phone.

Here, comes the problem. Most of the people say that Hello word is taken from Graham Bell’s Girl Friend Name. But! But! Buttt!

  • Do you usually call that your boyfriend or girlfriend has their last name?
  • Second, Bell did not have a girlfriend.

His wife’s name was Mabel Gardiner Hubbard who would not be talking on the phone with her husband, mainly because she was deaf since childhood.

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